1. Title III Professional Development Survey for the CSPR 2011-2012 - Due by June 15, 2012

Please provide the information requested below for the Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR). The CSPR collects the data that is required by federal regulations which mandates the requirements for the Secretary of Education's report to Congress and the report on the Department's Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).

* 1. District Name:

* 2. District Number (please use your district's 3-digit number):

* 3. Name of the individual completing this survey:

* 4. E-mail address of the individual completing this survey:

* 5. Identify the types of professional development activities that were offered during 2015-16 - Check all that apply

  Please CHECK ALL that apply
Instructional strategies for EL students
Understanding and implementation of assessment of EL students
Understanding and implementation of English Language Proficiency standards and academic content standards for EL students
Alignment of the curriculum in language instruction educational programs to EL standards
Subject matter knowledge for teachers

* 6. Indicate the number of participants in LEP Professional Development activities:

* 7. In the table below, place a check next to each type of language instruction educational programs implemented in your LEA as defined in Section 3301(8), as required by Sections 3121(a)(1), 3123(b)(1), and 3123(b)(2).

These are the types of programs described in the local plan (as submitted to the State or as implemented) that is closest to the descriptions in the National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition Glossary of Terms (link to website above).