The TAPPI Tissue Properties Subcommittee is interested in developing additional standards to improve the manufacture and consumer desirability of tissue and towel products.  To do this, the subcommittee would like your input on test methods that you currently use.
Please note that the results will remain strictly confidential and all participants may request a copy of the results.    

This survey has six sections with 21 total questions:
  • Information about your facility
  • Information about what properties you currently measure and with which standard 
  • How you measure softness 
  • How you measure wet tensile 
  • How you measure dispersion or flushability 
  • How you test for perforation tensile 
At the end of the survey we ask for any specific test methods you are looking for.  We also ask if you would like to become a member of the Tissue Properties Subcommittee. 

We very much appreciate your time in completing this survey, and will provide a summary of the survey results to those that request a copy.

Thank you for your time,

David Loebker, Procter & Gamble
Chair, Tissue Properties Subcommittee