1. Welcome to Our Non-Residential Building Heating Survey

Can your company avail of funding under the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat?
Is your company interested in upgrading your heating system to a renewable one? Why not complete this survey and help the Tipperary Energy Agency to help you in reducing your heating fuel use, cost and emissions and contributing to Sustainable Tipp!!

The primary aim of this survey is to identify suitable customers in terms of heat demand for the conversion of existing heating systems to a renewable heating system and to avail of funding under the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Tipperary Energy Agency has been successfully supporting Tipperary to reduce its energy demand for 20 years.

From your completion of the following survey;
1. Your company will have the chance to avail of a free renewable heating suitability assessment of it's building(s) of operation to be carried out by TEA's expert engineers.
2. Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA), based on the suitability of your building's heating system requirements, will or will not identify you as a potential renewable heat user.

Please note: The Tipperary Energy Agency collects client data for the purposes of the following: administration of SEAI's Better Energy Communities (BEC)/ Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) Schemes and Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH), collated SEAI reports, case studies and other research and reporting purposes. Client data is retained in line with GDPR regulations. Your decision to complete this heating survey, constitutes an explicit consent as a lawful basis, by you; the client, to Tipperary Energy Agency for the processing of your company data for the purposes outlined. Also, all contact information i.e. emails and telephone numbers of survey email recipients noted as relevant business contacts have been obtained via published online resources and registers . Should you, on behalf of your company, not complete the survey, all personal/sensitive information will be deleted, the company will not be in receipt of marketing and survey invitational emails in future.

Guidance Notes for completing the survey:
Please note that if you have more than 1 building in mind, fill in a survey for each specific building. 

To find out your boiler or heat source's size in kW or W, you can do so by either;
 looking at mechanical specification drawings for your building
 asking the engineer who worked on the original mechanical installation
 reading the nameplate of your boiler/heat source i.e. the sticker label on the back or side of your boiler, or
 if your boiler has been serviced asking the boiler service technician or installer
If you wish to provide further details of your heating system and heating requirements i.e. your annual heating fuel consumption or use in kWh/litres/tonnes etc., the efficiency of your heating systems, or voice any interest in switching to a new heating system or specific type of system or request a detailed energy audit or feasibility study, please state in the comment section at the end of the survey in Question 14. Feel free to contact the TEA at 0838791270 or johnm@tippenergy.ie for assistance.