About Our Survey

Completion time:
5-10 minutes.
Eligibility criteria:
You must experience tinnitus (hearing a sound when no external sound is present) or be a significant other of a person with tinnitus. You must also have a reasonable understanding of the English language.
To better understand how people with tinnitus get support from those around them.

Benefits for tinnitus research:
Your input will help us better understand the kind of support offered to people with tinnitus, and help us give better advice to their significant others and how they can support them better.

We value your privacy. Your responses will not be matched to you. Your answers may be used for research purposes and in publications in academic journals, as well as discussed online and at conferences.

On the final page of this survey, you can optionally fill in your e-mail address so that we can send you the results of the survey once they're published.

The survey is organized by Tinnitus Hub, a UK-based non-profit organization, best known for operating the Tinnitus Talk Support Forum.

* 1. Do you agree to the above terms, and do you want to participate in this survey?