Welcome! This page refers to the preliminary information and considerations relevant to the research study, its purpose and participation process that were included in the Invitation to Participate, followed by a request for participants to indicate their informed consent to participate.

Please refer to the preliminary information regarding this research study given in the Invitation to Participate you  received. This information can be accessed again via the following link:
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Indication of Consent to participate

By ticking the circle at Q1. below, you are stating the following:

·   I have read and understand the information given in the Participant Information Sheet which I received with the Invitation to Participate, and have accessed via the following link:

·   I understand the purpose of the research

·   I understand the research process and what will be required of me as a participant in the research survey.

·   I understand that participation in the research study is voluntary, and that I may withdraw from the research at any point up to submission of my response to the final survey question.

·   I understand that participation in the research study is anonymous and completely confidential. I understand the procedures by which the data will be maintained and stored securely until safely destroyed as outlined, including who may have access to the anonymous data and how confidentiality of this access will be managed.

·   I understand that IAHIP has no direct involvement in the research study, apart from emailing the Invitation to Participate to its members, receiving an abstract of the completed research and possibly publishing the abstract  in a special section of its website.

·   I understand that the research study and findings may be submitted to relevant professional journals for publication, and may be presented at professional conferences (e.g. IAHIP and IACP conferences).

·   I am aware that I may discuss any queries I may have in relation to the research with the persons named in the Participant Information Sheet.

·   I am pre-accredited or accredited member of IAHIP.

·   I consent to participate in this research study.

1. By ticking the circle below, I indicate my consent, as outlined above, to partake in this survey

Please indicate in Q2. below whether, in the event of your wishing to withdraw from the survey before its completion, you wish your responses to questions already recorded to be included in the survey results, or discarded.

2. Please tick relevant request below:
In the event of my deciding to withdraw from the survey before its completion, I request that my responses to questions already recorded  be

3. Please indicate your current IAHIP accreditation status (Please tick relevant response)

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