Squaw Valley Ski Holdings recently submitted an application for a Mountain Coaster called the "Timberline Twister".

The single person cars would be mounted on tracks, covering 6 acres between lower Far East and Red Dog chairlifts. A motorized cable would pull riders uphill for a length of 1,370 feet, where the descent would begin. Hand brakes would allow some control of the cars, which a top speed of 25 mph, as they loop 3,380 feet down to the loading station. Thrillseekers will go in intervals of 30 seconds. Lights would be installed along the route, so the ride could run after dark or in foul weather.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings feels the Mountain Coaster would compliment the recently approved, nine story and 90,000 square foot indoor water park. 

Squaw Valley COO Andy Wirth recently stated, "Our guests have told us loud and clear that they want more activity options when they come to visit. As part of a tourism dependent economy, we are committed to remaining an attractive destination in a dynamic travel industry."

The Friends of Squaw Valley represents the community and residents and would like to gauge their interest and feedback in the project.

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