1. Introduction

Thanks for taking the time to answer these few questions on the issue of pornography. Although it is a common feature of modern life, pornography is a difficult topic for discussion for many people due (amongst other things) to the very personal nature of an individual's relationship to it. Where pornography becomes an issue in the workplace this lack of open discussion can cause real problems for staff in knowing how to address it. Working with Linda Thompson of the Women's Support Project in Glasgow we have put this short questionnaire together to gather some evidence around the issue of pornography use and the workplace.

No information will be collected during this survey that can identify you personally unless you specifically want us to stay in touch and provide details for us to do so. The things you tell us will be considered alongside other information collected from separate pieces of work planned over the next few months which will include feedback from meetings across the public and voluntary sector, feedback from events on the subject and some one-to-one discussion with interested parties in this field.

It is planned that all the information gathered will underpin a needs analysis, allowing training to be developed that supports workers across a range of agencies to deal with the issue of pornography in a confident way when their work requires such a response.

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Thanks again.

Tim Street

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