This Course at MIT Survey

This Course at MIT is a pilot project intended to provide context for how the course materials published on OCW were used at MIT. Please help us develop the project by completing this survey.

* 1. Describe your relationship to education.

* 3. How did you come across the This Course at MIT page(s)?

* 4. Which of the following parts of the This Course at MIT page(s) did you find interesting or useful? Please check all that apply.

* 5. Please indicate and add comments below if you think specific parts of the This Course at MIT page(s) could be made:

  More useful Clearer Other
Course Outcomes
Curriculum Information
The Classroom
Student Information
How Student Time Was Spent - Pie Charts
How Student Time Was Spent - Calendar
Instructor Insights
Course Team Roles

* 6. Do you think the This Course at MIT page(s) will influence the way you use OCW materials or the way you teach? If so, please describe how. For educators, we are particularly interested in your thoughts on the Instructor Insights section that appears on some pages.

* 7. What enhancements or new resources would make OCW more useful for you?

* 8. Please share any other comments you have about OCW.

* 9. May we contact you in the future to learn more about your experiences using MIT OCW?