Suggest a topic for discussion at the Third Sector Cafe!

A recent austerity survey suggests that some northern charities expect this to be a 'make or break year' for them. The combined effect of reduced public sector funding and increased demand for their services has seen them cut staff and services, reduce their capacity for activities outside of direct service delivery (eg campaigning or partnership development) and led them to dip into reserves to keep going.

This picture echoes what Cadence found last year in an austerity survey for Voluntary Action LeicesterShire. Based on what we know so far, we've suggested some 'hot' topics for debate at the Third Sector Cafe below. But have we got the right topics? Please use this survey to tell us what you'd be interested in seeing covered in a Third Sector Cafe discussion.

You'll see that we also ask you to recommend speakers, and tell us if you have experience you would be happy to share. We're open to suggestions so feel free to suggest away and we'll follow up your ideas to see what topics and which speakers we can bring to future Third Sector Cafe discussions.

* 1. Please give us a snap shot of the key dilemmas facing your organisation now.

* 2. Please indicate which of the following topics for Third Sector Cafe discussions might be useful for you:

* 3. There are all sorts of ways to explore issues. Which of the following ways of finding out about the issues you face would you be most interested in?

Thank you for answering our questions. We're only going to ask you a few more now including whether you'd like to recommend someone as a speaker, and whether your organisation has experience of any of the issues that you'd be happy to share.

* 4. Recommend a speaker to us! Do you know someone who is well worth listening to on one of the issues we've outlined above? Can you tell us who they are and how we can contact them and we'll get in touch to see if they are willing to help us out with the Third Sector Cafe. Let us know if we can say you recommended them.

* 5. Can we mention your name when we get in touch with them?

* 6. Has your organisation got a story to share about your experiences with any of these issues? Please tell us about anything you feel your organisation has done well (or mistakes you've learnt from) that you'd be happy to share - this could be by a written summary or by telling your story in person.

* 8. Please tell us how to get in touch with you and whether you'd like us to email you info about future Third Sector Cafe events.

* 9. Please add me to the Third Sector Mailing list. This list will not be passed on to any third party and will only be used by us for the purposes of keeping you up to date with the Third Sector Cafe.