During the past year or in a previous year, you or a group you represent contracted to use The Foundation Performing Arts & Conference Center for an event. Please help us to improve our services at The Foundation by taking a few minutes to complete the following survey. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

What type of event did you contract for atThe Foundation?

Rate the following items on a scale of 1 to 5, with "1" being "Not Satisfactory" and "5" being "Very Satisfactory".

  Not Satisfactory 2 3 4 Very Satisfactory
Scheduling the use of the facility, from your first request for information through confirming and contracting your date.
Working with the facility director in planning and executing your event
The quality of the catering service provided for your event
The condition of the facility in the areas included in your rental, both interior and exterior
The staff support in the meeting and banquet spaces (custodial, set-up, technical support)
The staff support for the theater event (Box Office, technical support, house management & ushers)
What do you wish we offered that is not currently available?

Would you return to The Foundation for another event or recommend it to someone else?

Please provide any additional feedback.