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Oceanic Consulting powered by Oceanic Events have been delivering  the

The Scottish Curry Awards - 16 years
The English Curry Awards - 12 years
Th London Curry Awards - 5 years
The Nations Curry Awards for the last 2

The team are now delighted to announce the Official Yorkshire Curry Awards celebrate and promote Yorkshire's love of Curry. We want to celebrate all the restaurants, takeaways and personalities that have made the industry such a great part of Yorkshires culture and the economic contributions it makes. 

Categories with R beside them will have regional and overall winners. Our winners are based on customer votes which are then verified by a panel. For certain categories judges will also visit who are independent and are not involved in the curry industry.

Please use the link to vote for your stars. To increase your chances of winning please try to focus on 1 or 2 categories, by ticking multiple boxes it will dilute your votes.

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Please note; for a business or individual to be eligible as a finalist for these awards, they must have been trading or in post for a minimum of 12 months. Our team will continue due diligence checks on all finalists after they have been announced. The finalist list issued on the day of the event will be conclusive and you may be removed prior to that if the information you provide is not valid.