1. Introduction

Colorado's Education Leadership Council is developing a vision for our state's education system, from early childhood to the workforce. And right now, we need your input, so please take our quick survey.

Your insights will be combined with others across Colorado as we work together to make Colorado THE STATE OF EDUCATION. 

We are making Colorado THE STATE OF EDUCATION by creating a nonpartisan, overarching blueprint for education and workforce success.

We believe:
  • Every student should have equitable opportunities, hope for a bright future, and the tools to get there.
  • Our education system fuels our workforce and is critical to our state's economic success.
  • We must have a unified vision that connects state leadership, school districts, educators and communities.

We are dedicated to creating a nonpartisan blueprint for education and workforce success. Please help us include your input as we listen, learn, innovate, and inspire.

NOTE: Your responses will remain completely anonymous.

Please start your survey.

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