Welcome the Rare Leader Self Assessment

How are you perceived by others as a Leader?

Complete this survey in the “eyes” of those around you. Think beyond what you "want to be". Be honest with yourself...Consider your actions and behaviors that others observe. Include what your peers, subordinates, and Leaders would say about you.

As you look at the questions, please understand you are seeking to understand how you are "perceived" by others as a Leader. The results will help you shape a development path towards reaching your higher leadership potential.

Let us know on the final page if you'd like to pass this on to your 360 network. We will deliver a great report summary to you. Why not discover how they might perceive you as a Leader. (Are you Rare?)

When answering the questions, use this "key" in providing a response of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to each multiple choice question.
5 = Always consistently observed. (People will tell others I am their Champion, better than anyone else on this)
4 = Definite Strength. (People exclaim they want to be on my Team because of this behavior)
3 = Observed 50% of the time. (My Team will tell you I perform "as expected" here, on some days)
2 = Not a Strength behavior. (Self assessment and Stakeholder feedback tells me I can develop more here)
1 = Others may not observe this behavior. (This is a definite blind spot for me)