As we reflect on the end of another season, we are humbled by your support and grateful for the growing number of women who have joined our community. 

Our mission is to inspire and empower women to live on purpose and with intention by providing a monthly gathering where we explore a topic, enrich our minds and engage our new insights in the next best steps of our lives. 

We want The Exchange to be safe, beneficial, inspiring and fun;  a space where you can be vulnerable and authentic; supported and valued for who you are.    

Please share your honest feedback so we can continue to improve your experience of each Exchange.  

Thank you for being vulnerable with us. 

Elizabeth and The Exchange Team

* 1. Which location do you attend most often?

* 2. How do you stay informed about The Exchange?

* 3. When did you attend your first event?  If you can't remember the date, what was the topic?

* 4. What prompted you to come your first time?

* 5. How many times have you attended since The Exchange began in 2016?

* 6. What draws you back to The Exchange?

  To a great extent Somewhat Very little Not at all
Being challenged to grow
Learning about an interesting topic
Enjoying time with my friends
Meeting new women

* 7. How would you describe yourself in this season of life?

SURVIVING - I'm struggling to live on purpose. STRIVING to get toward the person I want to be.
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 8. What topics would help you live more intentionally and support you in becoming the best version of yourself?

* 9. Please check each event you've attended this season (8/2017 - 5/2018)

* 10. In what way(s) has The Exchange impacted you and those you influence?

* 11. What is the one thing we can do to make The Exchange a place you love?

* 12. Which of the following would interest you?

* 13. If you've stopped coming, we'd love to see you again!  What's keeping you?

* 14. We're looking for a new place to call our own.  Where would you be willing to drive?

* 15. Please check all that apply.