The process of naming our new parish is now beginning, and we would like all parishioners to be involved!
You are invited to suggest names for our new parish until December 6, 2021. Please include three parts in your submission: the name itself, a rationale for proposing the name, and the name of the person making the proposal (your name).

After the December 6th deadline, the Pastoral Council will review all of the submissions using the criteria described below and select 20 names to submit to Bishop Zubik for his initial consideration. The Bishop will give us his feedback on the acceptability of this first round of names.

We will then engage all parishioners a second time in order to bring the number of suggestions from twenty to five. The top five recommendations from parishioners will be submitted to Bishop Zubik for his final selection.

Please note: the Clergy Team of our parish grouping are removing themselves from this critical process. The new name will come from the parishioners themselves under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Clergy pledges their prayers for all of you as you carry out this extremely important step in merging our three wonderful faith communities.

Please give careful and prayerful consideration to a sacred name by which we will be known as a parish community united in the Body of Christ. As you consider a name for our new parish, please keep in mind that all the church buildings will retain their current names of St. Ferdinand, St. Gregory and Holy Redeemer.

As you think about the new name, please keep in mind the following criteria:
• What name would truly inspire us to live out our Mission in Christ?
• What name will be a strong, vibrant indicator of who the parish is and who this faith community wants to be in five years from now?

Any proposed names should be taken from:

• Our Lord Jesus Christ, invoked under a mystery of his life or under his name as used in the liturgy or Scripture
• The Blessed Virgin Mary under a given title already found in the liturgy
• The holy angels
• A saint from the list found in the Church’s calendar of memorials and feasts
• All names of those beatified or named “blessed”.  Please note:  the name of the parish would need to be changed once the beatified are canonized.
Please avoid the following:

× A name that is already used many times in the Diocese
× Hyphenated names of current parishes (absolutely not permitted)
× Names (or derivatives of names) of new parishes created during the On Mission process
× The names of other parishes, Catholic and non-Catholic, in or near the territory of our new parish (because this may cause confusion)

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