The Catholic Witness_Readership Survey

INTRODUCTION TO SURVEY: 1.      The purpose of this survey is to identify the reading interests of subscribers to The Catholic Witness, and their impressions of its content. Areas identified through the results of the survey will be provided to The Catholic Witness’ publisher, staff and advisory board to guide discussions on future developments and refinements of the newspaper. The survey results will remain confidential. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

NOTE: The asterisk (*) indicates a required response.

* 1. I consider myself to be a regular reader of The Catholic Witness.

* 2. I read carefully and in detail The Catholic Witness.

* 3. I regularly share my copy of The Catholic Witness with family and friends.

* 4. I regularly encourage family and friends to read The Catholic Witness.

* 5. The Catholic Witness increases my appreciation for the Catholic faith.

* 6. The Catholic Witness...... Please check all that apply to you.

* 7. I most enjoy reading in The Catholic Witness........Please check all that apply to you.

* 8. I like the photography (photos, pictures) in The Catholic Witness.

* 9. I like the graphics (charts, logos, graphs) in The Catholic Witness.

* 10. The graphics & photographs are relevant.

* 11. The color photos add interest to the articles in The Catholic Witness.

* 12. Puzzles, comics, and/or word find pieces should be included in The Catholic Witness.

* 13. I can trust the news in The Catholic Witness.

* 14. I seek additional information from organizations featured in The Catholic Witness.

* 15. I attend events promoted in The Catholic Witness.

* 16. I contribute to the Lenten Appeal, Matthew 25 Collection, Pentecost Collection, and other appeals/collections promoted in The Catholic Witness.

* 17. As a Catholic, I......

  Always Very Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Attend Sunday Mass.
Attend Catholic social functions or meetings.
Attend a prayer group, retreat, or spiritual conference.
Assist the needy.
Contribute financially to my parish.
Read the Bible.
Participate in some form of adult religious education.
Serve my parish as a Eucharistic minister, usher, youth, minister, catechist, etc. 
Read religious newspapers or magazines other than The Catholic Witness.

* 18. I currently...........Please select all that apply.

  Yes No
Receive The Catholic Witness in the mail.
Receive The Catholic Witness on-line.
Receive The Catholic Witness both in the mail, and on-line.

* 19. To ensure I receive The Catholic Witness, I would prefer to.........

  Yes No
Receive via email ONLY.
Pay for an annual subscription to receive in the mail.
Receive through a web-link on the Diocese's web page.

* 20. I would consider a reasonable subscription rate for The Catholic Witness (24 editions per year) to be......

* 21. I use the following social media......Please select all that apply.

* 22. I would be interested in a smartphone app for The Catholic Witness.

* 23. I have read, or skimmed, approximately how many of the last 4 issues of The Catholic Witness.....

* 24. I have been reading The Catholic Witness for......

* 25. I spend the following amount of time reading, or looking at, each issue of The Catholic Witness.

* 26. I am registered in a parish in the Diocese of Harrisburg. (Optional)

* 27. I know the mission of The Catholic Witness. (Optional)

* 28. I am ...... (Optional)

* 29. I am......(Optional)

* 30. I am .....(Optional)

* 31. My highest level of education is......(Optional)

* 32. I received the following religious education. Please select all that apply. (Optional)

* 33. The number of persons in my household is....... (Optional)

* 34. The number of persons in my household under the age of 18 read The Catholic Witness is....(Optional)

* 35. I would like the The Catholic Witness Advisory Board to know..........(Optional)

100% of survey complete.
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