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Hopefully by now, you realize that OvaTheBridge.com is kind of like a “cyber-boulevard.” Local businesses, nonprofits and community groups share the space, and in return, each other’s audience. We feel that with everyone on the same plane, keeping up with the community has never been easier.

Now, about 5 months after our launch date, we need to figure out what’s working. And that’s where you guys come in. Since this is your Bridge too, you have a say in how to make it better.

We’re asking you to participate in our very first survey so we can enhance your experience each time you visit OvaTheBridge.com. And to prove that your time is extremely valuable to us, we’ll be selecting two people at the end of the survey to receive a Bridge prize pack. If you would like to be entered in that drawing, please provide the necessary information in the next question. If not, that's cool too.

Thank you in advance for your time and your opinions. We really do appreciate it and look forward to making The Bridge even better!

* 1. If you would like to be entered into the drawing to receive one of two OvaTheBridge.com prize packs, please provide us with your information below and complete the survey.

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