Chapter 131 of the Texas Agriculture Code governs anyone who owns or raises bees. This statute has been largely unchanged in the last 60 years or more, while beekeeping has changed dramatically. The pest landscape is vastly different; things that were terrifying aren’t a significant issue today, while new things are on the horizon. The size and practices of the industry have changed, even as the statute has remained mostly static.

Many provisions of Chapter 131 are not enforced as written, but would create significant problems for beekeepers of all types and sizes if they were.

The Chief Apiary Inspector (CAI) is an employee of the Texas Apiary Inspection Service (TAIS). A new CAI was just appointed in January 2018. This person’s authority is circumscribed only by Chapter 131, and this will be the case for whomever follows them as well.

This survey reviews the concerns that have been raised about Chapter 131, along with some potential solutions.  The responses will help the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance develop proposals to be considered by the beekeeping community and legislators. 


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