The goal of the survey is to learn more about how  Non-functional requirements (NFRs) are tested in IT projects/product teams.

There are neither good nor bad answers to the questions of the survey. Your opinion is the most important for us.
All collected data will be analyzed anonymously and will be communicated only in aggregated forms in scientific papers.
If you would like to get the report with the results, please leave your email at the end of the questionnaire.

The survey should take ca. 25-30 minutes.

The survey survey is conducted by the Laboratory of Software Engineering (LSE) at Poznan University of Technology.
If you have any questions about the survey, please email us: LSE@cs.put.poznan.pl

We appreciate your time and support!

Thank you in advance!
Daniel Vieira, Sylwia Kopczyńska, Mirosław Ochodek
3% of survey complete.