Course Description and Target Audience

This course is the first in a series that will provide participants with a clear road map to sustainable leadership development practices.

Leadership is a cornerstone of a law enforcement. In particular, we believe the First Line Supervisor AKA “Sergeant” is the core of the organization. However, many agencies struggle with on target development of their officers, preparation for new supervisors and refresher for existing supervisors. In addition, including the communications and civilians in this course has proven to unify the agency around leadership expectations and goals.

Our First Line Supervision Course is a training program that will provide you with skills to be prepared to effectively lead yourself and others. Learn the keys to developing  yourself and strong teams to perform in today’s society….

First Line Supervision will help you to:
  • Improve Attitude
  • Manage Stress
  • Understand Your Strengths
  • Build and Develop Teams
  • Hold Team Members Accountable
  • Prepare and develop for long term leadership roles

About the Instructor: 

Brent Ransom is a Senior Certified HR Professional SHRM-SCP, Certified Talent Development Professional, CPTD and Industrial & Organizational Psychologist who has developed over 200 written examination, assessment centers and oral boards for law enforcement agencies across the U.S. For 23 years, Brent has studied leadership traits and intangible factors necessary for promotion in law enforcement for the 21st century. He has applied his in-depth knowledge and experience of assessing leadership through training hundreds of public safety professionals on how to prepare to become a leader. Brent is an active consultant in the public safety industry helping to create customized leadership assessments as well as training tomorrow's leaders.

Topics Include:

  • Work Quality
  • Attitude
  • Stress Management
  • Teamwork
  • Clifton Strengths Assessment
  • Creating Accountability
  • Understand the critical intangible factors for sound leadership
Timeframe: This is a 3 day course that runs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.

  • $675.00 per person
  • $600.00 for groups of 4 to 8
  • $550.00 for groups of 8 to 12
  • $500.00 for groups of 12 or more 
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