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Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer in our study on tennis elbow 

We are collecting detailed information about different types of sensation (heat, cold, pressure) in people with Tennis Elbow (pain on outside of the elbow) and comparing this with the information obtained from people who do not have Tennis Elbow. This will contribute to our knowledge of some of the physiological processes occurring in tendinopathy, and will help us to develop more effective treatments. You will be required to undergo testing at UQ, including physical tests, questionnaires and a number of sensation tests for heat, cold and pressure.

This short questionnaire/survey (10-15 minutes) requests information about your Tennis Elbow and other possible symptoms as well as general questions e.g. your age, weight, sport etc.

The aim of this survey is to confirm that you have or do not have Tennis Elbow, as well as ensuring that it is appropriate for you to participate in the study.

We will contact you to inform you if you meet or do not meet the selection criteria for this study.

PROJECT TITLE: Testing sensation in people with common tendon problems.

INVESTIGATORS: Bill Vicenzino, Aoife Stephenson, Rebecca Mellor, Viana Vuvan, Brooke Coombes, Paul van Wilgen, Melanie Plinsinga, Michel Brink

You are free to refuse to complete the questionnaire without providing a reason and without jeopardizing any ongoing contact with the investigators or their clinics. All your personal information and data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be reported in a manner that does not identify you. On request to Prof Bill Vicenzino (ph: 3365 2781 or email: b.vicenzino@uq.edu.au) you may have access to your individual results. If there is an issue that is urgent, call Prof Vicenzino on 0409 267 247 or 07 33654587

The Medical Research Ethics Committee, which is one of the human ethics committees of the University of Queensland, has cleared this study in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s guidelines. Should you want to discuss your participation in this study with the project staff please contact Professor Bill Vicenzino (ph: 3365 2781; email: b.vicenzino@uq.edu.au). If you would rather speak to someone not directly involved in the study, you may contact the ethics officer of the University of Queensland, Mr. Michael Tse (ph: 3365 3924; email: humanethics@research.uq.edu.au).

Thank you for considering participating in our study.

Question Title

* 1. I agree / do not agree (please select tickbox below) to complete the following questionnaire for the above mentioned research project on the basis that I:

i. Understand that I may not benefit directly from the questionnaire.
ii. Understand that all information provided by myself will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and that this data will be reported in a manner that does not identify me.
iii. Am free to withdraw from the study at any stage without providing a reason and without jeopardizing future contact with the research project.