Tenant Attitudes About Crime

The members of the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association are committed to providing quality residences. The safety and security of our tenants are a great concern to us.

Our association has been working on legislative issues related to managing criminal conduct in rental property. We need your help in understanding what is important to people living in the properties we manage.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey. When answering these questions consider both how your neighbors should be treated and how you would want to be treated yourself.

Please also forward the link to this survey to anyone you know who lives in the State of Illinois and who rents their residence. You may join our mailing list if you would like a report at the conclusion of this survey or for other updates on legislative issues that effect tenants. Your response to the questions in this survey will be anonymous regardless if you join the mailing list or not. To join our mailing list go to www.irpoa.org and select "add me to your mailing list" on the left side of the page.

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Thanks for sharing your opinions.

* 1. How long have you been a renter?

* 2. What is the population of the city you live in?

* 3. Have you ever lived near another rental property that due to criminal activity made you uncomfortable to be in your home?

* 4. Do you feel crime is more likely to occur in rental property than in an owner occupied home?

* 5. Rank in order of importance each of the following attributes in your decision process when you rent a property. 1 being the most important and 5 being the least important.

Distance to the places you need to get to
Quality of the property
Reputation of management's response time to calls for service
Safety and security

* 6. Who should be responsible for controlling criminal activity in a community?

* 7. Who should be responsible for controlling criminal activity in a rental property?

* 8. Who should be responsible to determine if a crime has occurred on a rental property?

* 9. Who should be responsible for removing criminals from privately owned property when a crime occurs?

* 10. Should all occupants of an individual rental unit where criminal activity occurs be forced to move?

* 11. Should a property manager be required by government to evict all the occupants of a rental unit when any member of the household is accused of a serious crime, before that person has been convicted of the crime. When answering this question consider the fact that the legal process to determine guilt can take many months.

* 12. If criminal activity in a rental becomes disruptive to the neighborhood and the tenant is unwilling or unable to correct the problem, how much time is reasonable before the occupants are forced to move?

* 13. Should occupants who rent their residence be treated differently than occupants who own their residence when criminal activity occurs on the property?

* 14. Should a law be passed that requires a person who is accused but not yet convicted of a serious crime be kept away from their home, whether owned or rented, with the intent to reduce crime in a neighborhood?

* 15. Do you feel that criminal activity in rental property would be reduced if every lease included the following notice:

"If any lessee of occupant, on one or more occasions, uses or permits the use of the leased premises for the commission of a felony of a Class A misdemeanor under the laws of this State, the lessor shall have the right to void the lease and recover possession of the leased premises."

* 16. Please share any other ideas of comments you have about crime in rental property