The Prairie Tooth Fairy wants your pure-in-heart wish to come true. She and you are a gift from God!

A pure-in-heart wish is inclusive and harms no one. It spreads agape love into the atmosphere when it is told.
The more people that wish the same things, and the more often the wishes are told, the sooner the wishes will come true.

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* 1. Think about your inclusive pure-in-heart wish.  

The Prairie Tooth Fairy's inclusive wish is, "Everything will turn out the best for everyone!"  If you read and want to adopt the Wellness Weavers Bee Attitudes, you are welcomed to join the global adoptive family of the Weavers.  Join us in-kind to play the "Everyone Counts Game Show"... the show that allows people to feel forgiven and equal so all come to the collaboration table as diversely gifted humans given a fresh start in God's Earth family.  Everyone has STAR power the game show all us to experience how much we can learn with and from each other to create action steps with fun in one hour session!"

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* 2. The private web-based "Everyone Counts Game Show" events are being created as a fun way to handle all of the complaints and wishes that the Prairie Tooth Fairy has heard during the last 65 years.  

This survey process will allow you to apply for a participant seat for a session to play & work on an "Everyone Counts Game Show"...and you can invite those that you want to play and work on a TEAM with because Together Everyone Achieves More!  

Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Everyone Counts Game Show!

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* 3. Verification of all points is required to become a participant on the Everyone Counts Game Show

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* 4. If you are reading this, you have an email address even if you use social media predominately.

If you know people that do not have an email address and do not want one, they can contact their local public library, their local public school, workplace, organizations to request a public use event plan.

If they do not know what you are talking about, share this survey with them so they can also tap into this free offer for an in-kind business, organization, agency, family, and individual guest memberships in the Green WOMAN (Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network).  Memberships from local agencies will allow them to plug in their local citizens and resources and receive support to develop a local Live Well Health and Wellness Cooperative Community supported by the web-based global Green WOMAN.

*Your cell phone number will only be used to text an alert for participant seating prior to an "Everyone Counts Game Show"