Getting Started

My name is Katharine. I have experience as a focus group recruiter, but I am also a producer of television shows, commercials, and infomercials. My small company, VIP Opinions, is where I'm finally able to connect people like you to television and marketing opportunities in Central Florida.

This service is entirely free. In fact, you will be paid for your time:

* I have several clients who pay cash for participation in focus groups, which are held in the Orlando area. Show up, talk with a group of 12 other people for 90 minutes, and walk away with cash. $50 to $500 or more.

* Other clients pay $5 - $25 for online participation in surveys or web video groups.

* And yet others are looking for real people to try a product and speak about it on television. (For legal reasons, we can't pay you for this kind of TV testimonial. But you'll always get to keep the product you try.)

Please fill out the survey below, and I will personally be in touch with future opportunities for participation.

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