Free UTS Telepractice Webinars for Rapid Transition during COVID-19

SPROUTS is 'Speech Pathology Reaching Out at UTS'.

Webinars will not be recorded. This is to preserve the privacy of all involved. The best elements of the webinar are interactive learning owing to the provision of the chat to ask questions and have those answered.

SPROUTS clinic currently uses COVIU software so our workshops will draw upon our knowledge of using this software and demonstrate how we are using it with clients. UTS receives no financial benefit from its use of Coviu software or delivery of this workshop.

Workshops are convened and facilitated by Professor Bronwyn Hemsley SPROUTS clinic director, and Head of Speech Pathology.

The first hour (4-5pm Sydney Time) is presented by Dr Lucy Bryant, SPROUTS Clinic Manager, lecturer in speech pathology and expert in tech in the Graduate School of Health at UTS; and Harmony Turnbull, SPROUTS clinical educator and Associate Lecturer in speech pathology at UTS. These staff are skilled at teaching across disciplines in communication technology, including removing barriers and enhancing facilitators to online communication.

The second 1.5 hour (5-6.30pm Sydney time) is on 'Being a Responsible Telepractitioner' in relation to business, legal, and ethical considerations of a rapid transition to telepractice, presented by Dr Geoff Holland (Faculty of Law, UTS), Dr Caroline Bowen, AM (Adjunct Fellow, Graduate School of Health, UTS) and Prof Prabhu Sivabalan (Associate Dean, External Engagement). 

Please answer all of the questions, or write a comment if none of the options suit you. Please triple check your email address is typed correctly before pressing submit - thankyou! We will not pass on your contact details to any other party.

Registration will close 1 day prior to the webinar, so that we have time to send you out the link to the Zoom and the link to the slideshare. You will need to sign up to Zoom (free account) if you are outside UTS, as we have new protections in place against Zoom bombing and need to admit all of you into the training. Registration is vital to this process. 

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