Thank you for participating in the Telehealth Readiness Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to gather high-level information about your organization’s current telehealth competencies, identify potential areas for growth or improvement, and pose key questions to drive conversation around future telehealth performance. We hope that the questions and our summary report will help your organization identify some potential gaps and opportunities in your telehealth approach.

When you submit the survey your responses will be collected by the Citrin Cooperman team and will be shared anonymously with the Sheppard Mullin team. You will be asked for your contact information in response to question 26. Your response to this question will be kept confidential and retained separately from your survey responses and used only by Citrin Cooperman to return a summary of your answers and feedback on your readiness. Once your survey results and summary are returned to you and all benchmarking efforts are complete, your survey responses and report will be destroyed by the Citrin Cooperman team.

Your participation in this survey and our feedback to you are not intended to create an attorney client relationship and should not be construed as legal advice. Responses will be summary and intended to assist you in identifying issues based on the information provided and is limited to that purpose.

Once you have completed the survey we are available to help as you begin to develop and implement strategies. Please reach out to any of us at Citrin Cooperman or Sheppard Mullin if you would like to follow up on any of the issues identified in this process and thank you for participating.

Citrin Cooperman is not a law firm and neither it nor Sheppard Mullin have agreed to represent you as a result of your completion of this survey. This survey and accompanying white paper, summary information and videos are no legal advice. This is survey may constitute Attorney Advertising in the State of New York.

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