Project Summary

Eligible participants include teachers at all levels of higher education and all fields of specialty. Participant information will remain confidential. This research intends to better understand how to support educators who engage social justice issues in their teaching spaces.

Participants will be asked to complete a thirteen-question online survey (takes ten to fifteen minutes) about perceptions of diversity and inclusivity on their campus and the types of institutional support / mentoring that facilitates and enables a social justice teaching agenda.

UNC Asheville IRB has reviewed and approved this human subjects research project, and the researcher wishes to thank UNC Asheville's University Research Council and Dr. Sophie Mills, NEH Ambassador, for their financial support in executing this project.

PLEASE SHARE THIS CALL WIDELY. I am seeking diverse representation across types of institutions, disciplines, and teacher / administrator subject positions.
By clicking "next page" in this survey, you agree to participate in this survey research. Participant identities will be kept confidential.

Please review the informed consent at:!informed-consent/c1ee5