Teacher Professional Development 

Welcome to the needs assessment. the purpose of this survey is to identify specific training that you may need to be a more effective teacher. The responses will be used to identify professional development topics for in-service days. If there is a need, additional training will be provided as well. Thank you for participating--your feedback is important.  

* 1. Rank you need for professional development in the following areas of classroom management.

  (1) No need (2) (3) (4) (5) Very Strong Need
Preparation: Planning for delivery of lessons relative to short-term and long-term objectives. 
Discipline: Defining expected student behavior. 
Building-Wide Climate: Contributing to building-wide positive climate. 
Lesson Plans: Developing daily lesson plans designed to achieve identified objectives.
Assessment Practices: Using assessments practices that are fair and based on identified criteria. 
Student Relations: Conveying high expectations for students and enthusiasm for the curriculum. 

* 2. Do you need professional development in the following areas of instructional effectiveness?

  Yes No
Literacy: Embedding components of literacy into all instructional content. 
Involves All Learners: Using active learning, questioning techniques and/or guided practices to involve all students. 
Explains Content: Teaches the objectives through a variety of method.
Explains Directions: Giving directions that are clearly stated and related to the learning objectives. 
Models: Demonstrating/modeling the desired skill or process.
Monitors: Checking to determine if students are progressing toward stated objectives.
Adjust Based Upon Monitoring: Changing instruction based on the results of monitoring. 
Established Closure: Summarizing and fitting into context what was taught. 
Student Achievement: Developing and modifying assessments and curriculum for students experiencing difficulties learning. 

* 3. Do you need professional development in the following special needs areas?

  Yes No
Special Education Students
504 Students
ELL (English as a Second Language) 

* 4. List any professional development needs you have related to the subject matter you teach. If you know of any specific training (for example: online courses, workshops, conferences, etc.) specify it as well. If you do not have a training need in this area, state "none."

* 5. Do you need training in the following areas of teaching methodology?

  Yes No
Student-directed courses
Blended learning
Using social media in the classroom
Using Google tools in the classroom

* 6. List two-three best practices you currently use in your classroom. Areas to consider include technology, methodology, classroom management, instructional practices, etc.

* 7. Specify any additional professional development needs you have.

* 8. What are the best days for you to participate in professional development? (Select all the apply)

* 9. What are the bests months for you to participate in professional development? (Select all the apply)

* 10. What's your program area?

* 11. What is your first and last name?