About the Grant

Te Uranga B2 Incorporation School Grants were established to support our whānau to access a solid education foundation. Education and economic research show that gaining basic education (in Primary, Intermediate and Secondary School) is important to whanau and community development, and is part of the solution to addressing issues of poverty.

At the same time, the Incorporation notes that the cost of primary and secondary schooling is increasing, which places undue stress on our whānau. The Incorporation is therefore providing grants of $100 toward school fees per year per eligible candidate to lessen the financial burden of school on whānau. This will be awarded on a first-in-first served basis as we have limited funding assigned to these grants.

If you are making the applications on behalf of more than one minor you will need to make separate applications for each (and include the relevant evidence for each person in each application).

You will need to supply the following:
  1. a scanned copy of whakapapa endorsed by a kaumatua, kuia, owner or other person of authority using the supplied formAND
  2. either:
    • a scanned copy of a receipt for fees paid to the school (for the grantee) for the current year - as well as bank payment details to reimburse the payment; OR
    • a scanned copy of an invoice showing the grantee's name and bank payment details.

Please also note the following:
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for the grant.
  • The decision of the Committee of Management is full and final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Applications may be completed and submitted online; or may be submitted in hard copy. For a hard copy version of the application form, please contact Peak Chartered Accountants on 07 895 3013 or carla@peakca.co.nz.

The application is due by 5pm on 30 June.