About the Scholarships

Te Uranga B2 Scholarships were re-established to support higher education amongst our owners and their whanau. Participating in higher forms of education improves our peoples chances to enter more skilled labour and have access to jobs with higher incomes – with the ultimate goal of providing better opportunities for our whānau.

We will continue to be guided by the five scholarships representing the legacies of our past leaders: Garry Houpapa, Koni Houpapa, Jack Wooster, Lily Kilgour and Moari Matena. We have an interest in the areas that the five scholarships were dedicated to (management, law, resource, management, science, technology, engineering and culture) but are not strictly limited to these fields. We also note the increasing attention to areas that enable greater innovation in our world: science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Scholarships will be awarded based on excellence and commitment to Te Ao Māori. The value is set at $1,000 per scholarship, but may vary depending on the number and quality of applications, your level of study, alignment with our priority areas, academic record and contribution to your iwi/ hapū/ marae.
The application may be completed and submitted online; or may be submitted in hard copy. For a hard copy version of the application form, please contact Peak Chartered Accountants on 07 895 3013 or carla@peakca.co.nz.

All applicants are responsible for completing all parts of the application and supply all relevant information. This includes:
  1. a scanned copy of whakapapa endorsed by a kaumatua, kuia, owner or other person of authority using the supplied form;
  2. either:
    • an invoice showing the fees you owe and a bank account (which we will pay directly); OR
    • a receipt of fees that you have already paid - as well as verified bank account details for payment;
  3. a scanned copy or electronic version of the applicants academic record evidencing courses enrolled in the current year, and grades achieved to date;  and
  4. a 300-500 word paper detailing the applicants involvement and commitment to Te Ao Maori and how this might manifest in your study or chosen career path.

Please also note the following:
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for the scholarship
  • The decision of the Committee of Management is full and final and no correspondence will be entered into.
The application is due by 5pm on 30 June.