Thank you for participating in this survey. Your responses will help guide future education programmes at Te Papa so we can better meet you and your students needs.

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Five randomly selected respondents will receive a $50 voucher to the Te Papa store.

* 1. What age range do you teach?

Which learning areas would you bring your students to Te Papa for an education programme? You can select more than one.

* 2. Science

* 3. Social Science

* 4. Art

* 5. Technology

Now, thinking about yourself,

* 6. What areas would you come to Te Papa for a professional development workshop?

* 7. In your opinion which is the best way of informing teachers about educational offerings at Te Papa

* 8. Are you aware that Te Papa has education programmes via video conferences?

* 9. Have you used any of the following to help develop lessons in the classroom:

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