1. Survey on Legal Technology Adoption and Law Graduate Skills in NZ

What is happening?
The New Zealand Law Foundation (NZLF) has provided a research grant to conduct collaborative research across all New Zealand law schools that facilitates the further integration of information technology related content into core legal undergraduate education. The project is titled Technology in Legal Education for New Zealand (TeLENZ) and is led by Associate Professor Wayne Rumbles at the University of Waikato, Te Piringa - Faculty of Law and involves academic staff from all New Zealand law faculties/schools.

What is the objective?
The focus of this project is to refine and share IT related aspects of pedagogy in the undergraduate curriculum across law faculties in New Zealand with a view to also introduce new additional IT material into core legal subjects for second and third year undergraduate law programmes.

What are the benefits?
This project serves as an opportunity to provide significant enhancements to the systematic teaching of legal education in New Zealand. The global disruption of information technology in the legal profession has been widely documented and is viewed to hold significant risk for the profession where graduates are unprepared for their future digitised work place. Our law graduates need to be supported and prepared to operate and thrive in the changing, challenging and exciting legal environment of the 21st century, which will benefit the profession as a whole. To achieve this goal, we require your help in developing responses to current and future technological and digital needs of practice.

What is this survey for?
This survey seeks to obtain information from NZ law firms and in-house counsels or legal practitioners in Government, business or NGOs about the current uptake of legal technology within these various organisations and the future legal technology skills required of law graduates. Your participation will contribute to the outputs for the TeLENZ project.

Why you received this survey
You have been identified as a member of a law firm or an in-house counsel or legal practitioner in Government, business or NGO who can provide significant insight into the topic of legal technology in NZ law practice.

Thank you
The TeLENZ project members are greatly appreciative of your participation in this survey and thank you in advance for giving your time and expertise to this important topic. If you know someone who would be more appropriate to answer this survey, or who may wish to answer this survey, please share this survey link or advise them to contact fleur.mullen@waikato.ac.nz.