Tatachilla Camping Ministry Fund Guidelines

The object of the Blueprint Ministries Tatachilla Camping Ministry Fund (Interest from the sale of Tatachilla Camp and Recreation Centre) is to provide grants for specific camping ministry projects within the LCA SA-NT District. Applicants will need to demonstrate how the proposed project will benefit Child & Family,Youth & Young Adult Ministry in the District of SA-NT and will be ultimately directed toward the transformation of young people's lives in Christ.

Fund approvals can be dependent on previous funding requests and the amount of surplus in the relevant Camping Event account.** Proposed projects outside of leader and camper subsidy should be innovative so that camping ministry across the state can learn and benefit from the outcomes of the project.

Applicants provided with grants will be expected to provide an annual report detailing the outcome of the project, including details of those aspects of the project that were successful and those that did not succeed as planned.

Grant applications are considered according to the following recommendations, as approved by DCC 12/12/2011:
2) Up to $15,000 per annum be available to subsidise the provision of training and resources for camping ministry and new camping initiatives. Approval and distribution of funds by Children, Youth and Family Ministry department.
3) Up to $12,000 per annum be available to subsidise registration fees for camp leaders and camp participants. Approval and distribution of funds to be set by Children, Youth and Family Ministry department.

Following are some examples of projects that may qualify for a grant from this Fund:
- Subsidising cost to camp leaders and directors so that camper costs are kept down and budgets do not go into deficit.
- Subsidising cost to campers who cannot gain sponsorship from a church in their zone and so would not be able to attend.
- A Camping Ministry team plans to hold a training course for youth leaders across their zone and/or district. Financial assistance is required for training costs.
- A director or leader wishes to attend a training program and they will use this training to train other leaders in their zone. Financial assistance is required for training program fees and travel expenses.

Application Process:
1. Applications must be lodged via Survey Monkey. Please contact the Blueprint Ministries if you require a hardcopy of this form - administration.sa-nt@lca.org.au
2. Application are forwarded to the CFYYAM Council for approval/consideration. The council meets monthly.
3. Blueprint will advise the application of the approval/non-approval of the application.
4. After approval, Blueprint will administer the funds through LLL.

**For permanent funds held in excess of 20% of your annual camp budget
- Applications for camber subsidies will not be accepted
- Applications for leader training subsidies will be considered favourably
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