Tanenbaum needs your help! In order to create the trainings and content that educators need and will find most valuable in the future to address religious diversity, and combat faith-based bullying or bias in the classroom, we are collecting the opinions and experiences of experts like you. We’d like to ask you a few questions for that purpose.  The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes. Thank you!

* 1. How do you describe yourself? 

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. Institutional Affiliation’s Zip. _____

* 4. How did you come across this survey?

* 5. Professional Title.

* 6. What do you believe anti-bullying and anti-bias education should look like in the future? 

* 7. Is addressing diversity, including religious diversity, among the top three priorities for your school and larger school district? K-12 schools in general? If not, what are the top three priorities of your school and/or district?

* 8. What do you see as the most difficult challenge for educators in addressing/including religion and/or religious identity in schools?

* 9. What is the most difficult challenge for classroom teachers who want to address/include religion and/or religious identity and faith-based bullying in education? 

* 10. How comfortable and equipped do you feel when it comes to addressing religious diversity issues in the classroom? 

  Not at all Not too Somewhat Very

* 11. Do you feel educators and administrators have time to address these issues during the school day/year? 

* 12. When during the school day/year do you typically address issues of diversity, including religious diversity?

* 13. Regarding professional development, rank the following delivery methods based on what would be most useful for you?

* 14. Which of the following would be most useful for you? Check all that apply.

Thank you for participating in our survey!  We appreciate your time and value your opinions!
~The Tanenbaum Education Team