Dear Southern Marin Residents,

After 45 years in business with a single location, we are very pleased to announce our plans for a second store at the corner of Shoreline Hwy and Flamingo Rd at Tam Junction in Mill Valley. The outpouring of enthusiasm and support we received from you and your neighbors made our decision to open in Tamalpais Valley much easier - thank you! We look forward to completing an aesthetic transformation of Shoreline Shopping Center’s grocery building to house our selection of organic foods that will serve the needs of the currently under-served Southern Marin community (Tam Valley residents have been without a local grocery store since December 2010).

With a second store, Good Earth - together with our customers, staff, and suppliers - will make an even bigger difference in avoiding GMOs, reducing the use of pesticides, and promoting sustainable practices by supporting organic farmers and local producers.

As we embark on planning our new store, we would greatly appreciate your input. Please take a few minutes out of your day to help us better understand your needs, thank you!

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* 1. Do you currently shop at Good Earth in Fairfax?