Tacticware Demonstration - 360 Cultural Assessment


Welcome to the demonstration version of our 360 Cultural Assessment. This version offers a brief view of the process and examples of the questions we ask.

Our purpose for assessing employees include:

  1. Determine employee perception and its relationship to Culture Management.
  2. Develop a consistent Top-to-Top relationship with employees.
  3. Determine a Star Rating in ten key areas.
  4. Compare employee perception to customer satisfaction ratings.
  5. Discover sources rather than symptoms of challenges.


The Benefits:

  • Employee perception translates into customer satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction influences customer loyalty.
  • Greater customer loyalty determines revenue predictability and ultimately earnings.


The assessment allows us to:
(A) Measure employee perception by division, team, or job description.
(B) Benchmark metrics of your organization with our Index Rating and Summary Analysis.
(C) Establish a plan to overcome the challenges we discover through the assessment intelligence.

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