An Invitation to Participate in an IFC and Pakistan Business Council Study on Family-Friendly Workplaces - Tackling Childcare in Pakistan 
We invite you to participate in IFC’s Tackling Childcare Pakistan Market Research Initiative and respond to this survey on employer-supported childcare in Pakistan. The survey results will be used to inform the dialogue on childcare with multiple stakeholders and to increase the general understanding about related challenges and opportunities faced by employers. The research will result in a publicly available policy brief with recommendations for public and private sector action to advance family-friendly workplaces in Pakistan.

Reporting of survey results will not, in any form, identify any company or respondent. All responses will be compiled and communicated at the aggregate level.

The survey is easy and simple to take:

1.   It will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete this survey online.

2.   In case you are unable to complete the survey online or prefer/are willing to do it over a phone call or in-person, one of our team members will be available to assist you at your convenience. If needed, please contact Ms. Birjis Jaleel, Project Manager:, 0302-2292692. 

Key Definitions: Employer-supported childcare, within the context of this research, is defined as good quality, affordable childhood care and education services provided or supported by employers for their employees’ children who are in the preschool age group (6 months to 5 years).

Examples for employer-supported childcare options include (but not limited to):

·        An on-site daycare center operated by the employer or an external daycare provider/NGO
·        A near-site center in partnership with established private or public daycare provider (tie-up)
·        Community based arrangements near employees’ homes
·        Partnerships with other employers for a shared daycare center arrangement (consortium)
·        A childcare voucher to be used at the employee’s discretion (e.g. for home-based childcare)
·        Public-private partnership for the provision of childcare
·        A childcare subsidy provided to employees
·        Back-up or emergency childcare services
·        Afterschool programs and/or programs during school holidays
·        Extended hours care (early, late, nights, and/or weekends)
·        Childcare resource and referral service for parents

Employer-supported childcare works best when offered as part of a comprehensive package of family-friendly workplace support and in tandem with complementary policies such as paid parental leave (maternity and paternity leave), breastfeeding and lactation support, safe transport, flexible work arrangements, among others.