Study performed by:

Vicki Sudhalter. Ph.D.
H. Laurie Yankowitz, Ed.D.

Hello, Parents, Grandparents and Siblings:

The use of tablets and app technology has been getting a lot of attention from the media and is of great interest to educators and families. We would like to learn what kind of apps are currently being used by individuals diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. We know that Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) is associated with a particular behavioral and learning profile.
We are interested in researching information that would be helpful in determining whether or not this new technology is or has potential to be effective in facilitating learning and development in ways that are more advantageous than more traditional methods.

You can help by answering the questions in our survey as accurately as possible. This information will be used to establish a benchmark for how apps are currently being used by individuals with Fragile X, identify apps found to be most popular and/or useful for individuals with FXS and in what way, and provide a foundation for ongoing research in this area. If your family member currently does not use app technology, please fill out ONLY Section I of the survey.

Thanks again for your participation. Together, we can make a difference!

Before we start, we would like you to provide informed consent on this study. Informed consent refers to the voluntary choice of an individual to participate in research based on an accurate and complete understanding of its purposes, procedures, risks, benefits, and alternatives. There are no known risks involved in completing the survey. All data obtained will be anonymous. There is no information collected in this survey that can personally identify you. Participation is entirely voluntary; you may at any time withdraw from participation.
If you have any questions before completing the survey, please contact the investigators through the email address provided below the survey title.

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