* 1. What is your over-all impression of UMass Dining?

* 2. What should we improve to serve you even better? For example: concepts, menu, hours of operation, etc.

* 3. Do you enjoy our weekly specials? What were your favorite specials and why? How do you learn about UMass Dining specials?

* 4. What is your opinion about our overall Healthy Eating Program? Smaller portions, reduced sodium, more fruits and vegetables, more seafood, etc. Do you think we should offer more healthy choices?

* 5. Is there another global cuisine/comfort food that you would like us to offer in the DCs?

* 6. Does our Sustainability Program meet your expectations? Examples: permaculture, buy local, sustainable seafood, composting, reduced waste, trayless, etc. What sustainability recommendations do you have that UMass Dining should consider adopting?

* 7. What do you think about our Gluten Free station? What do you think about our Peanut Butter station?

* 8. What is your opinion of the food truck? What would you like us to offer?

* 9. What do you think of the UMass Dining website and UMass Facebook?

* 10. Thank you for dining with us; do you have any additional comments?

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