Short Questionnaire

Dear Friends
We are sending this questionnaire to seek your opinion about an interesting project that we want to launch.
We are considering digitizing the SUKAD CAMMP™ Model (PM Methodology) into a suites of online applications. Professionals from around the world will be able to use the online applications to manage their individual and organizational projects, regardless of industry, type of project, or project classification (size and complexity).

We would appreciate your time to participate in this survey; should take less than 10 minutes.
If you like to learn more about CAMMP before or after answering the survey, this Audio-Presentation will be a good starting point.

Your feedback is vital!
Mounir Ajam on behalf of the Team

* 1. Are you familiar with the SUKAD CAMMP™ Model (The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™)?

* 2. CAMMP™ is a methodological approach for leading managing a project, end-to-end, and delivering a product successfully. It includes a project life cycle model and integrates the process groups from PMBOK Guide and ISO 21500. We have published a few e-books on this subject in the past ( and in November, CRC Press will release a new book on the subject under their advanced project management series.

Based on the above short description, do you think this methodological approach would be useful to manage projects in your organization?

* 3. Would it be beneficial to your organization to have the CAMMP methodology digitized into online applications?
(If you are not familiar with CAMMP, then would it be beneficial to have a methodology as an online application)

* 4. Would having the CAMMP Methodology (or any good methodology), in an online application, encourage your organization to use it?

* 5. What types of projects do you typically work on?

* 6. What is the classification of the projects you work on? We realize what we list below is not absolute; consider it as a guideline.
Classification is a way to determine the project size and complexity

* 7. Would you, or your organization, be willing to aid in the development of the CAMMP online application? Licenses would be granted in return for your and your organization's participation.

* 8. If the online application is more than a tool and include the methodology digitized (process, flow, templates, guide, etc.); and include various platforms for managing different project types (See Question 5); and different project classifications (See Question 6), then would that encourage you and your organization to use it?

* 9. Can you share with us what features you would like to see in the application and would encourage you to use it? Please list in the box all of the important features you want to have (must have) and the nice to have features. Do not limit yourself to what we are listing here.
To help you get started: how about things like workflow, basic scheduling, basic estimating, process for risk management and change management, flexibility, guidelines and tutorials, dashboards, etc.

* 10. Please complete the following (OPTIONAL)