We are currently working on a BPMN Online Training. The training will be based on our book Real-Life BPMN and include basic techniques as well as advanced best practices. Please help us with your feedback so that we can create the best possible training experience. As a courtesy for your help, we will send you a personal pass for free participation when the training is available. Thank you!

This survey will run until February 28, 2015.

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* 1. Which level of BPMN training would you like to get?

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* 2. Which best practice topics should be covered?

  Absolutely! Nice to have I am not sure Rather not Don't care at all
BPMN for Process Documentation
BPMN for Process Automation / Workflows
BPMN for Process Analytics / Simulation
BPMN for IT Requirements Engineering

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* 3. Which kind of training elements would you like to receive?

  Absolutely! Nice to have I am not sure Rather not Don't care at all
Self-paced, recordings.
Live Sessions including Q&A
Multiple Choice Tests
Modeling Exercises that will be reviewed by the trainer

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* 4. How long should a live training session be?

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* 5. Would it be helpful to demonstrate how BPMN diagrams would be executed in the Camunda BPMN 2 Engine?

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* 7. Free Pass

Thank you so much! When the Training is ready, we will provide you with a free pass. Please leave your email address in case you would like to get that pass.

We will not use that address for anything else than that one-time notification, neither will we share it with any third party.