Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. We appreciate your opinions and feedback. Your answers will help us improve the way we are conducting research studies at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Each question in this survey is completely optional and may be skipped. The survey is anonymous, unless you provide your contact information for follow-up.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes.

Thanks for your help!

* 1. The person who asked me/my child to take part in the study explained the reason for the study?

* 2. I was told about the risks of being in the study?

* 3. I was told about the alternatives to being in the study?

* 4. I was given enough time to read the consent form and ask questions.

* 5. The consent form was easy to understand.

* 6. I was told who to call if I had additional questions or problems.

* 7. I knew I could leave the study if I wanted or my child could leave the study if he/she wanted without penalty.

* 8. I would consider taking part in another study at Children's.

* 9. Please include any comments or questions in the box below. If you would like to be contacted by the Children's IRB, include your name and phone number or email address.