Thank you for being a part of the 5th Affiliate Team/ 2nd Individual competition. In order to get everything in order, TNT will need you to complete the registration below.

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CrossFit TNT
3683 New Town Blvd.
Saint Charles, MO 63301


CrossFit TNT<br>3683 New Town Blvd.<br>Saint Charles, MO 63301<br><br>636-724-6464<br>sarah@crossfit-tnt.com

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* 1. Please fill out all information for Affiliate Team or Individual.

*You must register for your whole team. Your team name will be who your captain is in the "name" field.

*"Company" is which box you are affiliated with.

*For individuals who are not affiliated with a box, please put where you CF out of.

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* 2. Please tell us if you are on an Affiliate Team or Individual?

*Affiliate teams must indicate whether they are RX or Scaled

*For individuals, you must be able to compete RX'd.

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* 3. For Affiliate Teams only:

Please list everyone on your team: First Name, Last Name and an email.

Please copy and paste the link below to pay for your registration. You WILL have to go back to this screen to complete your registration.