* 1. Overall, how satisfied are you working in the media industry? 

* 2. Are you optimistic about your financial future?

* 3. Please prioritize the items below.

  Most important Still important Something I'd like It's a factor for me....
More pay today.
Better retirement security.
Health care and other benefits today.
I don't care so much about pay and benefits, as long as I pursue my passion in media.
I want to have more say in the future of media workers.
I want more opportunities to gain skills and advance my career.

* 4. Media workers everywhere are under pressure to do more with less. Does this have an effect on your ability to do the best job you can?

* 5. Are you interested in organizing to improve the ability for media workers to make a living?

* 6. If you could change one thing about media work in the Capital Area, what would it be? Feel free to explain.

* 7. When you think of the big picture of your work in the media industry... whether you are a content producer or whatever... what would the most positive career look like in your personal best-case scenario? Please explain.

* 8. Would you like information on how to form a unit of or join the News Guild? If so, please include your name and contact information below. (If you don't live or work in the Washington-Baltimore area but you're interested in raising your voice as a media worker with others, go ahead and make a note of it. I'll connect you with your closest local union in the News Guild.)