1. Bikeability

This survey is intended to collect information on cycling within the City of Lebanon and surrounding areas. Any questions can be directed to the City of Lebanon Planning Department at 615-444-3647. Thank you.

* 1. Location of bike ride (be specific):

* 2. Did you have a place to bicycle safely?
a) On the road, sharing the road with motor vehicles?

* 3. How was the surface that you rode on?

* 4. How were intersections you rode through?

* 5. Did drivers behave well?

* 6. Was it easy for you to use your bike?

* 7. What did you do to make your ride safer?
Your behavior contributes to the bikeability of your community. Check all that apply:

* 8. In good weather months, how many days a month do you ride your bike?

* 9. Which of these phrases best describes you?