* 1. THANK YOU for racing in the 2015 Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross, p/b Velocity USA! By participating in this survey you'll help me improve the event for 2016 and beyond. I do appreciate your time and commitment to help make the Alma GP event even better next year.

One of the most important factors the City of Alma considers is the economic impact from the event.

As for local economic impact, can you estimate how much (if any) money you spend in the City of Alma during your time with the Alma GP? Please include time spent in Alma for practice rounds or other visits to the city that are related to the Alma GP. Please detail this response in the comments section.

* 2. This year the Alma GP was the kick-off event for the MBRA Series of cyclocross races. Did this influence your decision to attend?

* 3. As for the amount of time between races (10:00, 11:00, 12:30, 2:00), was it:

* 4. Obviously we did a tremendous amount of work on the course since race day in 2014 and race day this year. Smoothing the track was my number one priority, however we did add two new staircases and altered the track to include a new section in the woods, as well as removed a few of the twists and turns from 2014.

Can you comment on features you liked, did not like, or were indifferent to? Length? Pass-overs? Pit area? "Superprestige" wooded sections? etc.

* 5. This year we brought back a concession vendor (a new one), had live race announcing thanks to Scott Dedenbach and David Palan of the Cyclocross Network, held an early number pick up at the Alma Brewing Company on Friday night with the Aussie pros, and had winner's jerseys for all categories.

What else should we do to encourage you to race at Alma again in 2016?

* 6. How far did you travel to get to the Alma GP (one-way distance)?

* 7. What else can be done to make the Alma GP the best race in the state? What should I keep doing? What should I stop doing?

* 8. The Alma GP is sanctioned through USA Cycling. This is:

* 9. What are your thoughts on making the Alma GP a double-header on Saturday and Sunday or a Friday night / Saturday race?

* 10. This year we welcomed five Australians to Alma as part of the Alma GP. If you attended the Tuesday clinic, what are your thoughts? If you attended the early number pick up at the brewery, what are your thoughts? What about race day? (Did this enhance your experience?)