The leadership team at Ontario's new Prenatal Screening Program (PSP) are excited to begin work and start to fulfill the program mandate.  This cannot be done without the ongoing collaboration of the many individuals who have historically supported this work in the province.  We thank you for your interest in participating and supporting the work of the new PSP.  

As we launch the PSP, there is a need for ongoing expert advice and guidance;  we are now seeking members for the Advisory Committee and Horizon Scanning Task Force.  Please submit this Expression of Interest survey along with a summary of your relevant experience or your Curriculum Vitae and two letters of endorsement.  Please see below for details.
Advisory Committee and Horizon Scanning Task Force
The Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) is responsible for the PSP Advisory Committee and the Horizon Scanning Task Force.  These groups will provide a broad policy lens to the program, including potential screens for consideration, ethical considerations, health economics, etc.  The current call is for the:
  -  Prenatal Screening Program Advisory Committee (PSP-AC)
  -  Horizon Scanning Task Force 
Terms of Reference for these bodies can be accessed via:

If you have any questions about the Advisory Committee and Horizon Scanning Task Force, please contact Beverly Guttman, Senior Program Manager (PCMCH) at 416-813-6793 or
1.  Please complete and submit this Expression of Interest survey.
2.  Please forward your CV and two letters of endorsement to Beverly Guttman (
Thank you again for your interest in supporting the work of this new program.

* 1. Please answer the following questions

* 2. Area(s) of Expertise (please select all that apply)

* 3. Please indicate on which of the Prenatal Screening Program Committees you are interested in participating.  
If more than one committee interests you, please rank them in order of preference (1 = highest preference):

* 4. Please provide a description of the role you or your organization plays in prenatal screening and the care of pregnant women and their families.

* 5. Please provide information outlining why you are interested in becoming a member of the selected committee(s).

* 6. Please describe an example where you collaboratively worked with a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve a specific strategic goal.

* 7. Please identify 3 to 5 past experiences you've had in governance, steering committees or other leadership forums, whether they be in or outside of the prenatal screening sector.

Thank you again for your interest in supporting the work of this exciting new Program.