Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your input is valued and much appreciated.

All information collected in this survey will be strictly confidential.

* 1. How many years have you been using the Internet?

* 2. What is your primary web browser?

* 3. How many hours per day do you spend using the Internet?

* 4. Which activities do you use the web for? (Check all that apply)

* 5. What is your most frequented website?

* 6. On average, how many days per week do you read some form of PRINTED news media?

* 7. On those days that you do read some form of PRINTED news media, how many hours do you spend reading PRINTED news?

* 8. How many different websites do you frequent for news and/or frequently updated content? (number of websites per day)

* 9. How many hours do you spend reading news and/or frequently updated content online per day?

* 10. What news sources do you look at most often?

* 11. Which sections of the news do you most frequently read? (select all that apply)

* 12. How frequently do you do the following things online?

  Never heard of it Have heard of, but don't use More than once a year More than 3 times a year More than once a month More than once a week More than 3 times a week Daily
Read blogs
Read discussion boards
Read news
Access multimedia content
Read RSS feeds

* 13. On an average day of use, how many hours do you spend (fill in only the ones that apply)...

  less than half an hour .5 - 1.5 1.5 - 3 3 - 5 more than 5
Reading blogs
Reading discussion boards
Reading news
Accessing multimedia content
Reading RSS feeds

* 14. Do you currently publish a blog (online journal)?

* 15. Do you currently use an RSS Aggregator?

* 16. If Yes, Which RSS Aggregator(s) do you currently use?

* 17. Do you currently use RSS search?

* 18. How many RSS feeds do you subscribe to?

* 19. How much would you value an online news-service with article selection custom tailored to you interests?
(1-Low Value, 5-Indifferent, 10-Highly valued)

* 20. How comfortable would you be with anonymous statistical reporting of your reading habits if such reporting would dramatically enhance the relevance of the information you receive?

(1-not comfortable, 5-indifferent, 10-Very Comfortable)

* 21. What would you like or dislike about an application that would keep you up to date on information relevant to you?