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* 1. Do you have a dedicated e-book device?

* 2. What wireless mobile device to you use most?

* 3. What is the most you would pay to access your Logos library on your mobile device?

* 4. Please rank the importance of these Logos Bible Software features on a mobile device.

  Unnecessary Not Important Indifferent Important Very Important
Text comparison (verse by verse)
All Logos-compatible books
Exegetical Guide
Bible reading schedules (synced to desktop)
Greek and Hebrew lexicons
Bible searching/reading
Bible maps
Personal notes (synced to desktop)
English dictionaries
Passage Guide
Prayer list (synced to desktop)
Bible Word Study Guide

* 5. Do you regularly use your mobile device for reading the Bible?

* 6. What mobile Bible applications do you use regularly?

* 7. Please rate the following:

  Disagree Strongly Disagree Indifferent Agree Agree Strongly N/A
My current mobile Bible solution meets my needs.
I would like to see mobile Logos Bible Software.
I would be willing to pay for mobile Logos Bible Software.
I only need a mobile Bible, not a mobile library.
It is important to sync personal notes with the desktop software.

* 8. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions.