* 1. Which Museum did you visit?

* 2. How did you find out about the Museum and its learning resources?

* 3. How easy was it to book your visit to the Museum?

* 4. Which areas of the National Curriculum were you hoping to link with during your visit?

* 5. Did you use any Museum learning resources today?

* 6. Did you attend a Museum-led activity today e.g. workshop?

* 7. Thinking about the session or workshop ...?

* 8. 7. How would you rate your visit overall?

* 9. What was the most successful part of your visit?

* 10. Please add any further comments, that in your view, would improve the service that we offer learning groups.

* 11. Thank you for completing this evaluation form. We look forward to your next visit. Please leave your e-mail if you would like to receive information from us.

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